About me

I am a PhD-candidate in my final year at Tilburg University, working on symmetric convex optimization problems. My supervisors are Etienne de Klerk and Monique Laurent. After obtaining my Masters degree in Mathematics at University of Cologne in 2018, I started my PhD the same year as part of the MINOA project.

Research interests

I study conic optimization for highly symmetric problems, investigating computational and analytical ways to exploit symmetries. In particular I am interested in

  • Semidefinite and polynomial optimization,

  • Flag algebras and

  • Energy minimization.


My thesis is now available online!.

Check out my recent slides from Oberwolfach on the Symmetries of Flag-Algebras.


My office address is:
Warandelaan 2
Koopmans Building
Room K420
5037 AB Tilburg
The Netherlands